Friday, October 22, 2010

Own the Season - Get Outside!

Surfing Cape Henlopen, Delaware / October 2003 (waterproof disposable 35mm)
Tugboatdude is on his way to fast land, and then into town, and I am looking forward to a weekend of epic outdoor storytelling that always is a part of our time together. Any time my brothers and I are together there's a great opportunity to rehash some of the classic triumphs and debacles we've shared outdoors.
You may be wondering why I chose to throw in this very summery-looking photo today, officially in late October. It relates back to the title of this post, though. In most of the mid-latitudes, the next 60 days encapsulate many of nature's most special days - from the turning of the leaves, to the migration of fish and wildlife, to the winter's first snow. If you're one of those people who says "hunting is not for me," and "I don't care about all that stuff," just go spend some time outdoors (preferably with a child). Find something beautiful, whether it's in the middle of a city park, or a Federal Wilderness Area. Remember it. Blog it. Photograph it. And look forward to it next year. Make it yours. Fall is a wonderful season.
The photo above is from a great day surfing in what was an amazing fall season of surfing. It wasn't summery at all. Air temperatures and water temperatures were both in the 50s. My friend Todd (at the time, a college student, and now a full fledged water quality scientist in Florida) and I surfed that morning at Cape Henlopen in Delaware, at the Mid-Atlantic's only point-break style wave. It was a lot of fun. You can see that wave in the background of the photo, looking north toward Cape May, New Jersey. As the word of good surf spread, the crowd increased and we moved down the beach to surf some other groins (shoreline protection structures that often create a surfable wave). We had the area to ourselves and it felt like we caught a thousand waves that day. I took this picture while I was just floating and relaxing on my back, waiting for the next set of waves to appear. Many of my surfing buddies don't hunt or fish. To them, fall is about hurricane season and praying for the delicate balance afforded by a large storm that sits safely offshore and produces high quality waves for several days at a time. So don't be fooled by the lack of colorful leaves, pumpkins, hayrides, or tree stands and duckblinds. This is a picture of fall.
What does your picture of fall look like?

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