Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Explosion of Cuteness!

Hank would like to tell you all about Biscuit's Pet and Play Halloween.
Unfortunately he only has a vocabulary of 4 words.

This was our first halloween that was a real "parent" halloween. It was freaking exhausting. I mean, last year technically we were parents, but Hank laid around like a little bug and we proceeded to drink a lot. Which I've heard is a sign of good parenting skill. This year is different. The bug walks - nearly runs - and is interested in everything and afraid of nothing. Look out, world!

Hank scoping out the big kids' rides at the Maryland Zoo's Zoo Boo. Nice lean!
The first thing we did for Official Parenting Halloween 2010 was to take Hank over to a child-appropriate Halloween event with Professional Security. We selected the Maryland Zoo's Zoo Boo. At $14 per adult, it was not cheap, and did not come with food or drink. This is what it means to be a parent. No half-price Atomic Death Wings, no free Jaeger Bombs, and definitely no lap dances included with that price.
I'm ashamed to admit we'd never been to the Maryland Zoo. But with the DC Zoo (at 4x the size, run by the Smithsonian Institute, and internationally known for its exhibits and wildlife) only 35 miles down the road (and free admission), why mess with the Maryland Zoo at $14 per person? Well, a lot of parenty-type reasons, which start with the fact that Hank overslept his normal nap time by 2 hours, allowing us to travel the 5 miles to the Maryland Zoo in time to catch the last 90 minutes of the all-day Zoo Boo. Had we selected a similar event at the DC Zoo, we would have missed it entirely.
But there was another reason - something that comes up in my posts from time to time. The Maryland Zoo's charges $14 for admittance.

Result - the facilities were immaculate. No trash ANYWHERE. Despite the place being overrun by kids and families. Everything was clean. Everything was where it was supposed to be. Nothing was poopier than one would expect a zoo facility to be. And because the place is surrounded by a 10' razor wire fence - get this - you might not feel like someone is going to swipe your child at any moment. Which is the tiniest bit relaxing, whether you live in Manhattan NYC or Manhattan, Kansas.

On sunday, it was more of the same - headed over to the Halloween Kidstravaganza at the local Tot Lot, where it was determined that playing in the sand was more fun than trick-or-treating.

Then we walked as fast as possible with dangerous sharp sticks!

And other times, we just walked away, period.

Oh, the humanity

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