Monday, November 15, 2010

Nature Nerd Immersion in West Virginia

Potomac River, looking downstream towards Harpers Ferry, WV
So, I'm back from the Chesapeake Watershed Forum in the West Virginia panhandle. I'm really not the "conference type" anymore, but it was a really great opportunity to talk to other folks -mostly non-profit employees and also some volunteer leaders -about how they are all trying to improve wildlife habitat and water quality in their corner of the world.
We sat in classrooms and walked along the river. We broke bread and also some beer bottles (oops). The conversations ranged from how to reduce the construction impacts of wetland construction, to how to get more volunteers signed up for free rain barrels. The weather was just beautiful - clear, cool skies, and even in my most intense moments preparing for my own presentation/lecture, I could focus on all the smells and sounds of the remote, wooded USFWS campus. Thought I would share a few quick photos.
I don't know how we ended up with one giant cherry log for the bonfire. It gave off pure heat, so we would all have to turn occasionally. Maybe we would have thought it was an odd thing to do - if we had not been drinking.

Carolina Mantis egg case laid inside the seedpod of a Common Milkweed

Even this browning Sycamore seemed beautiful,
with its dry leaves blowing in the wind on a cloudless November day.

Cattails, how do they work?


Leigh, Andrea Leigh Gil said...

Sounds like you had an excellent time!
Your title made me chuckle by the way. ;)

dennfinn said...

My brother says everyone who goes to that conference center comes home 5 pounds heavier.

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