Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Duck Season in the Books

T and I after a cold, snowy morning on the River. My last hunt of the season.
So.  It's gone.  Another season in the books.  My brother T and I got out for a river hunt on the next-to-last day.  It was snowy and right around 30 degrees.  Great conditions.  We killed a few ducks, including T's first ever Canvasback, which made it even better.   I'll post up the story of our hunt once T sends me his pictures. 
I'm done with waterfowl until at least September.  T is headed down for one last hunt with his tugboat buddies on VA's eastern shore, then he'll be done, too.  While the Conservation Order for Light Geese is in effect, and a few pockets of (Res. Pop) Canada Goose season will remain open, it's basically all done.   The timing is not bad.
My face has been burnt and dried out for the last month.  My lips and hands are cracked.  My back has been bothering me for about 10 days, and now I can't bend over at all.  My wife would like to see me a lot more, although those are not the exact words she would use to express it.  A lot of things have to get done between now and late April, when fishing, turkey hunting, and gardening all start back up.  And conveniently, we have not had a solid migration of birds since our freeze-up in December.  The total number of ducks and geese are not bad, but I'll tell you - they definitely grew wise to our plans.  The migration route for humans isn't much better:

So I am really happy that I had a decent hunting season and a really respectable variety of hunting opportunities.  I'm looking forward to digging back into work and some home repair in preparation for another season afield.
And in this year's snowy February, I have a new, totally mobile challenge!

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Unknown said...

May the time fly until you hear that first spring gobble!!

Kirk Mantay said...

I was thinking about gobbler scouting in the shower this morning!

In all seriousness though, I am looking forward to digging in to the other parts of my life for the next few months.

Toilet repair #1 has already been completed!

Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Tugboatdude is still alive? The season for you ended on a better note than for I, too much snow, cold, and wind for me...

tugboatdude said...

yeah yeah yeah I know I have been slacking on the blog.I promise plenty of pictures and stories to come in the near future

Kirk Mantay said...

Tug Nuts, you need to give me your password (seriously, no practical jokes) so I can delete some of those crazy spaces inbetween your photos.

I miss home and I like it when you write about home (SEVA). It's very easy to imagine being there.

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