Thursday, January 20, 2011

Epic Day Part III - Canada Goose Field Hunt

(Parts I and II here and here). As the sun broke the horizon, the Canada Geese began to fly.  Small flocks, large flocks, they were all hungry.  The first few groups seemed wary of the snow goose mayhem up the hill, but eventually we had flocks working.  We focused on small groups of birds, so as not to educate (or cripple) members of large flocks.   When they started pitching into the decals, some minor problems arose.
First, we were hunting in a big group - 3 nearly adjacent blinds with 3 hunters in each blind.  One guy (a farm lessee) in the middle stated before the hunt that shots would only be taken when he called them.  Of course, some of our party had in earplugs and (I guess) didn't hear that, so when the geese started moving heavily, we had "early jumpers" on most flocks, which ruined the shooting for everyone else.  Since I was literally in the middle, I would look left down into the next blind to see who had done it each time, only to be greeted with dumb looks and "I dunno who shot? Weird!"  That same group on the left, when birds were landing in the middle, would open up (with birds still 15' in the air) with a vengeance.  Ugh.  C'mon guys.

Beautiful spread, sunny day
Eventually, the birds started coming around to the right side of the blind.  The guys on the far right took their limit of birds....while the guys on the far left were shooting across the lengths of our blinds and yelling "I got one!" Ha ha, yeah, sure you did.  My blindmate and I dropped a pair about 4 feet off the ground and 8 yards in front of us, and I finished off with a long shot on a low flying (away) goose who fell dead a few hundred yards in front of us.  By 8:45am, we had killed 18 geese.  Yes, I took a photo, but pursuant to my last post, I'll resist the urge to post it here.  The "jump shooters" on the left were still mumbling this and that about "I was sure I killed that other bird....."  Outdoorsmen are liars.  What can you do?

The geese never did stop flying and it was great to get this video of them.  It was also great to be a part of a very successful hunt on a farm I could never afford to lease.  The birds aren't acting right this year, but in this part of the eastern shore, there are just so many that you're bound to have a chance at a few. 
I have a few hunts left before the season ends on January 29th.  As my wife noted the other day, "Seems like the season is already over, given your results over the last month."  And she's kind of right.  But on this day, we had an all-time experience.  I'll remember it fondly for a long time.

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Ian Nance said...

Lucky, lucky. Goose hunting is high onmy list of pursuits. Good luck the rest of the season.

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