Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring! Wait. Nevermind.

Hank would like you to have this here stick.
We got a sudden burst of warm weather and Hank and I were on it.  With snow still melting in every parking lot for 200 miles, we ran over real quick after work to the neighborhood tot lot.  It became real apparent real fast that Hank is no longer a baby.....

I love danger!
We met a bunch of new little friends and ran around like maniacs.  Hank climbs everything, all the time.  Also a big fan of the Big Boy Slide.  We ran and climbed and climbed and ran until the sun started to go down......

And we ate the last snowball in the park.  Tastes like squirrel pee! 
It was so great to get out with the little guy in some decent weather.  It seems like he can do more stuff on his own every day.  Unfortunately, we had to take our game plan back inside, because the air temperature went from 68 to 23 in about 48 hours, leaving us with another........... four inches of snow.  Hank's finally getting big enough that the snow and cold can't stop him from getting outdoors (as long as he keeps his hat on).

Note: built-in snowsuit gloves to prevent Hank from taking his hat off
There are a lot of things happening in our lives now - some of them are real challenges.  It's been great to break up the anxiety and the February blahs with some time outside with Tiny Darth Vader


Unknown said...

Good job Dad! Looks like you guys had fun!

Holly Heyser said...

Awwwww! What a cutie!

Kirk Mantay said...

He's pretty awesome! I wish I had a guide for how to get young kids outdoor. It's a real challenge. Between diapers, getting too hot, and getting too's tough.

He's only been (in the hiking pack) fishing with me once, last summer, and just for 20 minutes or so. Hope to change that in a few months.

swamp4me said...

He's getting some size on him and his body is getting better at temperature regulation all the time - kids are pretty tough.

Warm weather is coming and naked is always good when you can get away with it - thus eliminating the diaper dilemma ;)

Kirk Mantay said...

Naked time is the best time! For him. Not me. 'Cause nobody wants to see that.

There is no question that he is a "little boy." Every stereotype in the book. Although he does like the odd doll, every now and again.

Yup. He is gonna be a challenge, but hopefully (mostly) in good ways. He is a happy little dude, and that's a great place to start from.

Anonymous said...

He is sure a handsome little fella and very happy guy by the looks of it! (and according to my son, squirrel pee snowballs are the best, lol!)

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