Monday, February 7, 2011

Stoicism Starts Here

It's here again. February.  Know what's in season most Februaries? My bitching and moaning about the lack of outdoor activities to pursue. The season is usually in full tilt until the last two weeks of April, when the warm water fisheries turn on, spring gobbler season opens, and planting season begins.  How bad do I usually complain?
Just look here, here, and here to start.  This is the downside to running a blog year after year - documentation of your (my) own stubbornness and poor attitude.  There it is. Like clockwork. I tend to enter each February like a toddler whose favorite toy has been taken away.  "Why oh why does duck season have to be over!" and I celebrate each tiny monument of spring - from cold weather flowers to fish migrations - with Gollum-level morbidity. "Schmeigel is cold, damp, and gray.  But Precious crocus is pretty and yellow!  Baaaaaad Rainy February Schmeigel."
The net outcome is that I hate - really hate - these months.  There is dirty gray ice and snow everywhere.  The days are short.  The outdoors is pretty inhospitable and pretty much dead.  Every year I allow these 10 weeks or so to pass, with me in an awful mood, and I don't make use of the only serious downtime that I could possibly afford myself all year.  This year I plan to do it differently, and I'll do my best to embrace this time.   My goals for the period are similar to any other year, only this year I'll try to really embrace what they are - part of being outdoors.  I look forward to writing meaningful and somehow interesting posts about:
  • Losing the first ten or so pounds toward my weight goal
  • Getting fishing gear organized and re-assessing how I gear up for each fishing day
  • Getting prepared & scouting for my first turkey hunt(s?) in 3 years
  • Planning a spring fishing trip to FL, NC/TN, or VA, depending on finances
  • Getting the garden up and running
While these are extremely unsexy topics, I have kind of had an epiphany that I need to stop neglecting them.  I need to think (and write) about why and how I do these things - not just focusing on hurriedly getting them done half-assed because "Spring is coming! Spring is coming!"


biobabbler said...

Sounds like a super smart plan. I, personally, love gardening stuff and wish I could add a side page on my blog re: fitness 'cause it's always something I'm thinking about/working on. Best of luck, and looking forward to whatever updates you feel like sharing. =)

Kirk Mantay said...

Thanks for stopping by again!

I don't know what to do with the fitness thing because on the one hand, it's full of such tedious details "ran slow today because it was too humid and 100 degrees" and (related) I don't have the attention span to post a fitness item a day (which is where the change really happens).


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