Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 2011 Garden is Officially Underway!

Thanks to a gift from my parents, I have my first smurf sized "hoop house" over my lettuce and spinach down at the City Farm.  Hopefully the garden fabric will take the chill off of our nights and allow my greens to grow.  Oh, and keep the bunnies out too.  The bunnies can have all the field peas (left) that they can eat.

After much hemming and hawing, I broke with my very successful tradition of using Territorial Seed in Oregon, instead opting for more regional seed source Local Harvest Collective and the heirloom-obsessed Seed Savers Exchange, who are out of Iowa.   All three provide flawless customer service and are highly recommended.   I really liked using Local Harvest, because my seeds came in individual packets from a dozen actual farms in PA, VA, and NC. Very cool to see that the seed was coming directly from the growers.

Per my February 1 "Stoicism Or Bust" schedule for late winter activities, I planted several species of veggie and wildflower seeds in peat pots, over heat and under the lights on March 15th.    Since this year I will be growing fewer varieties of plants over the same garden space, I am staging the seeding into 2-week periods to ensure that we don't end up with 0 Roma tomatoes before July 15th, 600 Romas on July 20th, and 0 after August 1st.  So we'll see how "staged planting" works for me. Crossing my fingers...

As of this posting, some of the herbs, a few okra and cucumbers, and the Roma tomatoes are coming up.  Here we go!

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