Thursday, March 24, 2011


Viburnum buds
Interestingly enough, "Serenity Now Stoicism 2011" is proving to be a worthwhile effort.  Most of my gear is ready for the spring, no surprises are underway in the gardening department, and I am consistently marking tasks off of the "honey do" list.  Add to those things the fact that my attitude has been great (more or less), and hey.....things are okay.   Over the last four months, we've been hit with all kinds of tribulations and setbacks, and miraculously, it's all okay. That being said, I am still really looking forward to digging into the spring and all its offerings here in the Mid-Atlantic.  
Crocus, first week of march

Crocus, third week of March
Seriously, the time has flown through my most difficult part of the year. Striped bass season starts in a month.  The shad run should peak around that time.  A few days later, spring gobbler season starts (and I have a hunting spot).  A few weeks later, largemouth bass and crappie fishing will get really hot.
Elderberry buds
I planted most of our yard in wildlife-attracting plants from 2004-2006.  Unfortunately, our dog Roan was ages 7-10 during that period and he destroyed a lot of stuff.  I'll miss him this summer, laying in my pond (now bog), chasing rabbits and squirrels, but I know he's no longer in pain and I also know my plants will have a chance to grow food for wildlife this year.
As for Hank, do you think he's looking forward to warmer weather?

Yup.  The pants-free (in this photo, shirt-free) bandit is ready for summer right now.


Unknown said...

Most of the dogwoods and azaleas are in full bloom here down south. I will admit that I am jealous of the fact that you guys can grown some beautiful flowers in your part of the country. It gets so hot here in the summertime that colorful flowers do not have much of a chance. Good luck with the garden!

Kirk Mantay said...

Oh, it all gets punished for a few weeks, usually about July 15th to August 10th (last year: June 25 to October 1). But that period of extreme temps (say, 95 to 110) + 80% humidity is much shorter than in GA, that's for sure. Heat-tolerant stuff holds really well in most years, especially with a little extra watering.

What we miss out on is a meaningful spring season, as far as flowers and gardening go. Spring greens go in the ground in mid- April (mid-March for me!) and all bolt by around June 1.

biobabbler said...

Charming. Those crocuses are so lovely and sweet and petite!

I really like how super closely you are tied to the seasons of the planet. So uncommon and heartening.

Looking forward to shots of Hank running around in more informal attire during the hot months of summer-too cute! He looks so self possessed in that shot, sippie cup and all. =)

Passinthru Outdoors said...

I thought spring was here in CT but then it snowed the past two days. oh well we didn't get much at all and it won't stick around long if it does.

Can't wait to see more signs of life in my yard.

Thanks for sharing!
Passinthru Outdoors Blog - Sharing the Passion

J and M Flies said...

Living over in Frederick County, I am seeing the same things. I cant wait until this rain stops and it starts to warm up more. I am dying to start the warm water fly fishing season. Top water action is right around the corner!


Kirk Mantay said...

Babbler - Thanks for the compliment. Understanding wildlife, their patterns, and the seasons has really given me a respect for life (all life) that I didn't (couldn't) have before. And a feeling that I am part of it.

And Hank - yes. The center of the world is himself. His first "sentences" - new this week - are "I do dis!" and "Do Dat!!" (pointing at something he wants).

It is awesome but it's happening verrrrry fast.

Kirk Mantay said...

Jeff - I got out on the Patuxent earlier this week (blog post this coming monday morning) and caught a half dozen young largemouth and 20+ warmouth in 2 hours. No fish over 12" or 1 pound, but I was happy to not get skunked.

Warm water fishing is coming!

Unknown said...

It really looks like spring where you are. Things are turning a bit green here, but for the most part it is still brown. I have three crocus blooms at the moment. I'm beyond ready and sure will miss going after spring blue-gill, white bass and crappie this year.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

My crocuses and daffodils are blooming, until snowed this AM! Awk, i thought we were done with this white crap.

Kirk Mantay said...

LB - I know! Before work, I went down to the garden (down the street from us...gotta love the city) and thinned out the lettuce and spinach. My hands were frozen! At least the transplants stand a chance of surviving since they are on ice!

Ha ha!

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