Friday, April 29, 2011

The Garden is Cranking!

The field peas are going nuts! The garlic is building root mass! The lettuce is finally leafing out! A lot is happening all it once, and it's wonderful.  This picture shows that there's no question whether clover or field peas are the more effective cover crop at my garden.  That, my friends, is a fertilizer savings that will also allow me to not have to till the garden this year.  They are ready to be cut, and the beds prepared for summer crops.  The romaine lettuce (Winter Density) is finally putting on some bulk, and the Spinach (Space) and leaf lettuce (Salad Bowl) continue to do fantastic. 
Meanwhile, in the basement, the seedlings continue to do well.  It's amazing how much I've learned over the last several years about gardening.  There's so much that I do that's now totally routine and subconcious, and the results are awesome. 

Being a new(ish) Dad, learning how to be an effective manager at work, and continuing to keep a marriage working under stress and heavy work commitments doesn't leave a person often feeling like they are really doing a good job at anything.   I'm surprised and happy to say that at least for this week, I am proud of my gardening skill. 

Our growing season technically starts in two days.  It won't be but another 10 days before the garden is transforming into "summer crop" mode.  And I can finally turn off those creepy grow lights.


Unknown said...

Looks good!

Kirk Mantay said...

It's a start. Raccoons and rabbits haven't gotten to it yet, either ;)

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