Monday, April 11, 2011

Uncle, He Cries

I've been carrying on just fine since the end of waterfowl season.  I've worked really hard, given all the constraints of normal life (no money, 2 jobs, dog died, wife and kid), to use my free late-winter time to get my gear (and my weight) into manageable shape for late spring and summer. I've kept a positive attitude.  I've been stoic. All things considered. I've watched other friends, family members, and fellow outdoor bloggers throw in the towel over the last few weeks and finally admit, "OK, I'm miserable.  It's time to dry out."

And finally it hit me last week, after I optimistically threw my light spinning rod into the truck when I noticed how warm and balmy the morning was, only to be shellacked by 50mph winds and driving rain on the highway about 20 minutes later.  What hit me? The same old early spring blues.  God, I hate them. 

I believe it's rained 7 out of the last 10 days, with plenty more coming.  Work is proceeding at a furious pace at both of my jobs, with the spring semester in high gear, and a $500,000 RFP to go public this week.  Hank is doing great but when he is awake, he's on the move, which in 45 degree rainy weather does not mean a lot of fun for anybody but him.

I really have tried.  Waited for breaks in the rain to work in the garden (only to be thwarted by hail 20 minutes later).   Tried to not be at all discouraged that despite the fact that my tackle stayed in the truck all week, I never got to use it - no "light tackle lunchbreak" or anything. 

But trust's not all bad.  All of the work, and the 10pm dinners on the road, and the lack of physical fitness or a social life, it does come with one big reward.


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of the little guy. Through it all, that smile and innocent eyes are a great reward.

Trey said...

Nice Cowboy Hat!

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Yup...that boy right there makes it all worth it.

Swamp Thing said...

Yeah, he is pretty much my hero. He spends so much time and energy trying to learn and understand things every day. It is so cool to watch.