Monday, April 18, 2011

Unwitting Volunteer for the Hank Shaw Apprenticeship

I'm not really sure how it got to this point.  As Hank Shaw, he of "Honest Food," and the forthcoming "Hunt, Gather, Cook" wisely foretold after my post about raw food storage in February, "Soon you will be owning esoteric crap like mushroom knives and special tongs for blanching stinging nettles." Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's ridiculous! Almost stupid! It's so absurd, you have to laugh. But wow, that lettuce knife (sorry, special lettuce cutter) from Ontario Knife looks perfect.  $8? O Yeah definitely.  Here's the cash.  Wait, what???

It was totally an accident.  Well, not really. Down in the garden, my lettuce - a lot of lettuce - is in the ground.  Right now. Growing fast.  My mind rewound to last May and June, when my Buck knife, when drafted as a lettuce cutting knife, got covered with so much lettuce goo that it would not open when I tried to clean it (admitedly, a few days later).  And then it would not close, because in cleaning it, I did not remove all the lettuce goo that got jammed up in the works of the knife.  In that weak moment, I boldly and rather wisely proclaimed, "This totally SUCKS!!! Why is it impossible to cut lettuce without destroying my knife?!"

Answer: need a bigger, simpler knife.  The Ontario Knife Special Lettuce Cutter.  That I purchased it is pretty embarassing.  That it cost $8 makes it tolerable. That it's easy to clean will hopefully be its redemption.


Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Far be it from me to say, "I told you so," but...


Swamp Thing said...

Well, you were right. And I've been looking for the perfect oyster knife for over a year already.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Free the kit-tart within!

Carol said...

Funny post! This is why I try to use the regular knives instead.