Thursday, May 19, 2011

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First fish of the morning
With a break in the crazy weather and the bass spawn (largemouth, smallmouth, and striped) most assuredly wrapping up, I took advantage of a morning out of town to do a little fishing with a coworker. 

We were the guests of an old plantation property (now corporate meeting facility) on the Wye River on Maryland's eastern shore. I had scoured google earth to confirm that the tidal shoreline was too shallow to fish, and that there were no freshwater creeks or ponds on the 1,000+ acre compound.

Luckily, I was wrong.  My coworker found a few hidden farm ponds on google maps using his iPhone and away we went through pastures grazed by the (regionally) famous Wye Angus cattle.

After about 20 minutes of hiking through knee high wet grass (aka Chiggerville), we found our first spot, an excavated fish pond from "days of yore" that was full of feisty but small bluegills.  I'm sure that there are bass in the pond, but they were not interested in messing with our lures. 

I dialed in pretty quickly and started catching fish.  It was fun and really relaxing.  THe intermittent retrieve aka "run-stop-twitch" was easy money for these little fish.  My coworker, who usually fishes for striped bass on the bay, really seemed to enjoy the change of pace that pond fishing can offer.

Eventually my coworker had to go deal with some actual work, leaving me to try a public area off the Wye River, called Wye Mills Lake.  Wye Mills was a historic mill settlement dating back to the 1700s.  The dam has been significantly bulked up but at 50-ish acres, it's one of the larger ponds on the eastern shore (Maryland has no natural permanent ponds or lakes).

Unfortunately, this guy (see right) showed up and pretty much destroyed the fishing opportunities.  Oh well.

Chartreuse Joe's Flies pattern - a bluegill and trout killer!
I did manage to catch a few fish at Wye Mills Lake and it definitely turned out to be one of those "I'm probably not going to fish here ever again" kind of experiences. Not because of anything bad about the place or the anglers on the lake, it just seems to not be the most amazing spot.  And - granted - it was about 10:00 on a sunny morning.

Eventually I rolled on into work with a big grin on my face.  Although I'd been stymied by the bass spawn yet again, it was a great morning to stretch my legs, catch a few fish and watch the sun rise.  Nothing wrong with that. 


Unknown said...

Nice looking spot!

Kirk Mantay said...

Yeah, you know, it probably was a nice spot 50 years ago when somebody was taking care of it. I really wonder if there are still bass in it at all, but of course we were fishing it at the height of the bass spawn so the pond could be thick with them and we wouldn't know it.

Tyler said...

The pics look great. and for some reason I only get catfish when i go fishing x_x~ (i used some of lures just like yours in the pics)

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