Monday, May 2, 2011

Henry's Carolina Easter

This is Hank.  These are Hank's Easter duds.  They are pretty cute, and everybody thought so.  So, what else do you do for Easter, when you're Hank? First of all, you definitely eat some cake that bunches of different ladies bake for you.

Then when Mommy and Daddy take you to see a show, you dance up by the stage until the band asks you to climb on stage with them.

Then, when the fiddle player tries to show you how the instrument works, you yell,       "I do dat!" and pluck the strings, to the fiddle player's amazement.

And sometimes you just kick it at Grandma's house, stunt riding your toy ATV in your monkey pajamas and cowboy hat (duh, that's what everybody wears when they go four-wheeling).

But when you're Hank, you know it's just a toy, and sooner or later you demand a ride on a real tractor.

And when that, too, becomes boring, you demand several rides through the woods on the Swamp Buggy.

And after awhile, you get kind of tired and just want Mom and Dad to take you down to the Catawba River.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hank is at an unforgettable age in life. Cherish all of your time and memories with him and other family members. He sure is a good looking little guy. Hope to hear and see more of Hank as he develops his outdoor interests.

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