Monday, May 30, 2011

Toddler Summer Party Time

Oh my God, I am so exhausted.  Another weekend of toddler partying - 3 big parties in two days.   The first two involved us chasing Hank around a generally unsafe environment, as he was the smallest kid at the party.  The third was hosted by our pals Denny and Ryan, whose 14 month old maniac Gabe takes after Hank's own self-destructive anarchist tendencies.  Which means they have toddler-proofed their house.  Overall, I had probably two dozen alcoholic drinks over the weekend and never even got a buzz - I was chasing Hank around in the sun the whole time.  It was some exhausting fun!  All photos by my beautiful wife.
I'm hiding! Duh.
Looking for more little girls to hug!
Momma says that Gabe and I are never, ever allowed to go on Spring Break together.  Heartbreakers!
Denny and Ryan play in real, actual, paid bands and so they have a mini studio setup.  Hank approves.
Hank on lookout duty while Gabe throws things down the basement stairwell at Ryan & Denny's house
All partied out!

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LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Yup, those dudes are heartbreakers already!

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