Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Heat is for Real

Awesome Baltimore Area Forecast
For the first time this summer, I am faced with unbeatable heat.  I don't have the time to go far enough north or west to escape it.  No waves.  No fishing.  No relief.

I notice this time every year when night temperatures consistently fail to dip below 70 degrees.  It just doesn't get cool.  The fish move into seasonal patterns where they are deep and hard to find, and when they are shallow, they need very little to eat.  Even worse, water temperatures will now creep up into the upper 70s.

Yes, I have actually done this. And fallen asleep.
Surfing's no better.  There's no weather to generate waves.  The only wind around is the wave-flattening offshore breeze from the southwest that shows up every day as the ground warms in the morning sun.  And forget kayaking in this nonsense.  How much do I really want to sweat?

I think it's time for a few days off from the outdoors.  Time to organize the tackle, respool some reels, and hang out with little Hank.  Maybe we'll all get back out there when the temperatures get "back down into the upper 80s with 100% humidity!"  That sounds wonderful.

And for my brothers, who are enjoying a lovely week fishing the New River and Monongahela National Forest out in the central/southern Appalachians, I'll remind you how awesome it is back at your home, right now:


Adam said...

I was fishing/canoeing in South Eastern Nebraska this past Sunday with a heat index of 110 degrees! Needless to say, I nearly got heat exhaustion!

Ken G said...

I used to spend a fair amount of time in Virginia, about 50 miles east of Richmond. First time I ever experienced 100 degree days with 100 percent humidity and not a cloud in the sky.

Here in Illinois, 100 percent humidity is called rain.

Kirk Mantay said...

Adam - 110 is no joke!

Ken - I went to high school about 70 miles south of Richmond (Yorktown) don't have to tell me about haze!

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