Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to My Chicago Readers!

A big thanks to Ken at Waterdog Journal for listing monday's heat wave fishing post as a worthwhile lunchtime read.  My google statistics do show that y'all tend to visit when you are at work during the week, tsk tsk.  Anyway, glad to have you.   Please leave a comment or two.  If you'd like to read my hunting posts, click here.  Fishing, click here.  Habitat conservation and restoration (cue: cricket sounds), click here.

For my regular readers, please check out Waterdog Journal.  I frequently come across the syndicated link for Ken's blog and don't have a "chicagonow" ID to post comments.  The link above takes you directly to Ken's primary domain. 

One of his posts I enjoyed recently was Battling Big Bass, which pokes at the "fat kid" known as "competitive bass fishing."  Such an easy target!  Another recent fun one was Fox River Hawg Huntin'.  Be sure to check them out!

Thanks Ken!

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