Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't Give Me No Trout

It was noon, just a few miles south of the Pennsylvania border.  I had caught my first trout of the year - a small wild brown - earlier that morning under the supervision of a half dozen approving witnesses.  A wrong turn to a local lunch spot led me to a sign reading "River Access .25 miles."  I had no intention of fishing - and certainly not trout fishing - in the 95 degree heat and 80% humidity.  Figured I would just walk out and see what this alleged "river" looked like in this neck of the woods.  Then I saw this:
Barely passable photo of a beautiful place - credit:

I parked the truck, walked up the road, and shimmied down the rocks to the pool above the historic (1809) bridge.  But a whole lot of nothing as far as fish.  Luckily, one of the channels under the bridge was silted in, because I was wearing my very short Danner Mountain Lights.......didn't even have waders in the truck. 

I felt totally dumbstruck when I came out from under that bridge and saw an amazing deep pool downstream of the bridge that would require me to soak my Danner Mountain Lights to access.  KERPLUNK. Done.   Right then, I saw two tan and black tails circling the pool about five feet down (the river gage was at 1.4').  

I hastily threw on a slip weight and a #10/chartreuse/silver inline spinner and tug TUG!  Creek chub.   A few casts later, BOOM, and a silver flash - about my 10th 10 inch fallfish of the day.  But not a trout.  I changed to an inline spinner in a bumblebee pattern (#10/gold spoon) and let it drift and fall into the pool. BOOM.....a sucker.  Wow.  Everything but trout.

But a few casts later.......
No, I don't have a trout net.  But I would be happy to review one for this blog!
It wasn't a giant, but it was a rainbow.  Wild? Probably not.  But not fresh off of the truck, either. It was 95 degrees. At noon. With low flow and near-drought conditions.  Suddenly, I had caught two species of trout in one day - something I haven't accomplished in five years or more.  I'm still gloating over those two tiny fish.

A strange wind is blowing! Am I rediscovering a love for trout?


Steve Z said...

Sweet surprise. Nothing like cold water on your toes and fish to hand when the temp is high.

tugboatdude said...

welcome to my new addiction I call light tackle trout.I only ask you to not feed my addiction as I am already strectched thin trying to figure out my other outdoor addictions

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