Monday, September 5, 2011

Hank Revisits the Maryland State Fair

With Hurricane Irene approaching, and lots of other commitments in the wings, we were happy to spend an evening over at the state fair.  Unfortunately, we were there the same evening as the Selena Gomez concert, which made for an interesting crowd. "Eww, Cows. Totally gross.  Hey, I smell cheeseburgers! Like, c'mon guys!"  Yeah, lots of that.

But it was neat to get out once again and see Maryland agriculture showcased in a nice old-school venue like that.  Hank got to pet lots of species of livestock, but he only knows "duck," "pock pock" (chicken), and "Cow! Mooo!" so we didn't get to discuss the difference between alpacas and llamas. Hank took an opportunity to smack a llama in the face (left), and yelled "COWWW!" at a bunch of alpacas.  

Funny - look at him just a year ago, checking out the donkeys:

And then we got around to Hank's favorite snack of all time, the Maryland Peach Sundae!

Amazing how different he looked with the same sundae, in the same stroller, at last year's fair:
Happy boy!
In all, it was a great few hours and a wonderful diversion from the incoming hurricane and all of the other troubles and turmoils of everyday life.  Next year, Hank will be big enough to ride the rides at the fair - curious to see how interested he is in the animals after that!  If you ever have a child, everybody will tell you "they grow up overnight."  They're telling the truth.
Photo: Towson Towerlight

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