Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Get Some Blogging Awards!

That's right people, I am here to talk to you about PROTECTING THIS HOUSE, and by THIS HOUSE, I mean, my status as Maryland's #7 Sports Blog and #7 Photography Blog.  Yes, true, the majority of blogs 1-6 in both categories are run by professional sports writers (in sports) and professional photographers (in photography), who in both cases are writing this blog as part of their day job...........and I am neither a professional outdoorsman, nor do I get paid to write. Facepalm.  

In sports, the topics are generally limited to football, baseball, basketball, football, and football.  In photography, we basically have the subcategories of "weddings and babies" and "urban ironic post-industrial hipster macro lens photography."

But we - we won't be detered.  Next month, I will ask for your vote in a quixotic gesture of "Hey! The Outdoors Really Matters! RAWWWWWWR!

leonidas parody

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