Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Standard Garden Update

Tons of sweet potatoes for us, and tons of flowers left for the bees!

The sweat bees are living next door to the carpenter ants!

Harvesting lemon balm and purple millet for the 2012 garden!


Alex said...

I don't know hardly anything about gardening, but seeing pictures of your garden always makes me wish I had some place to plant one.

Do you have to go buy new seeds each year for a lot of your plants? Or do you harvest and keep them for the next year like the millet?

Kirk Mantay said...

That's a great question Alex, because it affects the cost/benefit balance of even having a garden.

With plants that can be cloned, I clone them (sweet potatoes for example). For plants unlikely to hybridize with a different variety (primarily, wildflowers), I collect the seed. Most everything else, I grow from seed (purchased online) starting in Feb-March, in the basement, under the lights.

That approach screwed me on peppers this year, as the "from seed" crop got stunted by 6 weeks of super hot, dry weather. I should have bought back up plants, grown in a greenhouse somewhere.

Above all, it's an ongoing experiment, and you get smarter, and work less, every season. Find a place to plant, and you'll learn a lot - quick.

Tabby Bears said...

Your garden looks so nice. It does have lots of sunshine during summer, and I suppose its great to have peppers and tomatoes.

Doll Family said...

Congratulations on a wonderful garden! I know it wasn't easy and took a lot of work but from the pictures it's just like heaven!

Piano Baby said...

Hi!It looks like you have a lot of varieties of vegetables in your garden.I agree with you that space is important in a garden. On top of this, May I add that I think it's also a matter of how you creatively use the space and the appropriate vegetables that you put into your garden. I have seen small gardens yet full of appropriate vegetables and every space is creatively and artistically utilized.

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