Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To Hank On Your Second Birthday

The birthday boy, mommy, and friends...and juiceboxes and cupcakes, of course
I don't know why I am so blessed.  Just to be blessed with a life long enough to see all of this - to meet you and be your Dad.  You've turned from an idea into a baby and into a little dude.  You have thoughts, you have ideas, and you even have a few fears (like thunder).  Not many fears, though.
Enjoying a birthday party that ends at the Natural Play Space
at Irvine Nature Center, northwest of Baltimore

I had no idea that any person could be so fascinated by garbage trucks ("shrash twuck"), airplanes ("look! Pwane!"), and motocross ("mo'cyco!!!"). And I had no idea that I could ever be so motivated for a simple hug that I could actually finish my day's work on time (or leave it - and the guilt - at the office) and boogie on home for the night with a clean conscience.

These two years, especially the last few months, have made me re-focus on what is actually important.   The importance of living, and being present, and playing a part in something you created.

The biggest realization? Those things aren't only at work.   Work is an important part of life, but it's just a part.   Two years of being your dad has given me real, sincere pity on those people who work double-time and have a weak excuse for a life on the side.  I used to admire it.  Now I don't.  Now Hank, let's you and I go play music or go outside...or both... before the day is gone.
Salamander collecting time at Irvine - also part of the birthday party!

Happy second birthday, Henry.  I am so proud of every little thing you have done.  Well, almost everything. But I'll keep forgiving you for the rest! You have a fearlessness and a positive attitude that I've never known, and always wanted.  I hope you get to keep them both, buddy.
Hank met a hedgehog, a wood turtle, and a screech owl at his party! 


Family Wilds said...

Happy birthday little dude! It's a birthday for you parents too, so enjoy, and congratulations!!!

Alex said...

Hooray! Happy B-day Hank! Looks like he enjoyed it.

Was his birthday yesterday? (27th) or today? (28th). If it's the 28th he shares an epic birthday with me :)

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