Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Your Blue Zombie Pumpkins!

So, I was at one of the many obligatory Mid-Atlantic-Fall Harvest-Pumpkin-Apple-Hayride-Corn maze events in northern Maryland recently, and I came across these crazy blue pumpkins!

And because I am a freak, the kind of guy who thinks Begotten is coming-of-age journey-of-the-heart,  I immediately thought, "what an interesting decorative pumpkin in an unusual fall color!" "Those things totally look like blue zombie heads!"  And before you say, "Zombies aren't blue," shut up, yes they are.

Alright, so we've settled that. Back to the pumpkins.  The cucurbit of interest is Jarrahdale Blue, a hybrid of American Blue Hubbard with the French Rouge vif D'Etampes.   That took a few minutes to figure out.  Thank you, Wikigooglepedia.  So now you have a 15lb blue pumpkin.  Go, you!  How have other disturbed people zombified their Jarrahdale Blues?  Well, I'm glad you asked.



Now go get your blue pumpkin and do your worst!


e.m.b. said...

haha! My dad carved a watermelon one year...and the next, a butternut squash. They both have a really cool "glow."

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I love's! I wonder what these suckers would look like flying at the punkin' chunkin'?

Kirk Mantay said...

Erin - Curious what a carved watermelon would even look like!

LB - I like that one too. I wouldn't want to be down range at Chunkin for these bad boys - I think they have really, really thick shells!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog came just in time! My wife has a friendly work competition requiring a carved pumpkin. My first idea was (naturally) zombies chasing a human around the pumpkin. After a search for ideas, the picture of a blue pumpkin eating another was so awesome, I had to try it. Here in Southern California we don't get those fancy french hybrid blue ones, but I made do with a regular orange and a white one I found. Hope the wife wins a day off!

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