Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Two Year Old Ponders Wildlife, Chewbacca, and Santa

So, Hank has a lot to say these days.  He's two, so that's not a real shock.  What is more shocking is his vision and perception of things, which he can only use about 200 total words to explain.  So witness the words of Hank, the Toddler Philosopher, and ponder the image below the words that prompted his statement.  If you think about these for a few seconds, they are pretty salient observations.

"It's a Chicken! Bock Bock!"
Well, technically son.....I...umm...yeah, that's about right.

"Daddy, it's 'Ho Ho' (Santa)!" 
(obviously no one in our family has a beard)

"Bye bye ducks!" (waving at the sky) 
(sigh...he's probably right)

and finally, the one I asked him to repeat when he saw this month's Field and Stream on the ottoman....

"It's a Ghost, Daddy."

True words!


Anonymous said...

You are sure right, kids do say the darndest things. Thanks for sharing.

Kirk Mantay said...

Well, he also saw a nearly white labrador yesterday and called it a ghost. Mind of his own!

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