Thursday, October 27, 2011

Psychobilly Outdoors - The Dead Moon

Moon passing out of  Dark ("Dead") phase
In this Halloween week series, we've covered cemeteries and the blue moon already.  So what to make of the Dead- or Dark - Moon?

This one's pretty simple.  The Dead Moon is an especially dark new moon - a lunar surface that is reflecting no visible solar radiation whatsoever.   When it shows up, it usually hangs around for a few days until a crescent.

In popular (read: rockabilly and psychobilly) culture, a "dead moon" can be a description for a new moon that's barely visible....especially one that's red.

German psychobilly band Mad Sin wrote a song about the Dead Moon.  And here it is.....

Easy big fella!

Astrology type people have some interesting and deep thoughts about the Dead Moon, but I'm sure I'd probably interpret it wrong, and then somebody would put a hex on me, like some dude walking up to me and brushing my hair aside (weird, since I have none), only to say, "THEENERRRRRRR! Ha ha ha!!!!" (90s movie reference) or perhaps, under a different hex, I would just walk off the top of the nearest tall building for no apparent reason (2000s movie reference).

So if you want to find out more about "dead moon astrology," you can either look it up yourself or alternately, Call Meh Now!

Thanks for stopping by another episode of Psychobilly Outdoors!

Psychobilly Zombie Invasion.  A bit much, no?


tugboatdude said...

I love the psychobilly writings,but not as much as I love Ms.Cleo.Oh LAWD A MERCY!

River Mud said...

We all need a little Miss Cleo in our lives.