Saturday, October 29, 2011

Psychobilly Outdoors - A Deadly Breather

If you've tuned in this week for the Psychobilly Outdoors Roundup, thanks a lot - monday (Halloween, of course) will be the last post in the series for this year.

2011's Psychobilly Outdoor Roundup has covered the following ghoulish topics brought forth by the ghosts of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and others:

The Zombie Virus (10/31)

So, thanks for reading, and on this foggy October morning, enjoy two wonderful psychobilly tunes that have very little to do with the outdoors.  These are two of my favorites.  I think you'll love them both.



Unknown said...

LOVED this series..I'll miss it.

Thanks for sharing the music. Fun stuff to listen to while driving the back roads in WV :)

Kirk Mantay said...

Aw thanks! Rockabilly and psychobilly are the BEST driving music! City or country!

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