Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting Ready for Geese on the Upper Shore

If you've never hunted wild birds where they congregate in huge numbers, I don't know that I can explain it to you.  To call it a "fever" or an "addiction" would lend itself to t-shirt slogans and ridiculous vinyl decals. To say that it's "heritage" conjures up an absurd combination of neanderthals and DAR gowns.........depending on which type of heritage we are really discussing here.

No, like almost all outdoor activities, it's a pursuit.  And whatever the goal, it's never enough, because there are always new goals.  This is a giant hole that outdoorsmen and women try to fill with days afield, weeks of dog work, months of shooting practice, or months of physical training.  But it's never enough.  There are not enough perfect days in a person's life to fill that hole.  But we try.  Oh man, do we try.  

The offshore duck blind at the farm looks ridiculously good after two mornings of brushing.   The spectre of climate change, via Hurricanes Ike and Lee, was kind enough to bring us this great sand bar, which will improve our odds of safely accessing the blind at 5:30am on 10 degree days.

The island blind (below) looks just as good, although a bit more neglected, since the recent weather pattern has been for the water around the island to freeze solid by New Years Day.

But what of the geese? With our bizarre warm temperatures, who knows what they'll decide to do this year.  But make no mistake, they've started to arrive.


Ian Nance said...

Good luck. Gotta say I'm jealous. Know that's a historically great waterfowling area.

Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

Things are starting to cool down and the shooting will heat up...good post!

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