Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Attack of the East Coast Outdoor Blogs!

You know how it be.  You're searching for outdoor information on your local east coast destination, or for your next trip that's predictably up or down I-95, and as you make the outdoor blog rounds, what you find instead is some outstanding information on fishing for Gila Trout in the New Mexico desert, primitive weapons hunting for moose in Alaska, and some dude's killer hike through Santa Cruz.    For reasons unbeknownst to me, there are not a lot of "heavy traffic" outdoor blogs based on the east coast.  Great Lakes? Yup. Texas? Yup. Fly fishing and upland bird hunting blogs across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains? Plenty of 'em.  West Coast blogs? Duh.  I guess I would be showing a small amount of bias if I hypothesized that there are fewer east coast outdoor blogs because we actually have to work for a living out here, unlike you hippy software engineers in California who haven't worked on a project in 6 years, but are still billing at $300/hour there's just something about the "average outdoorsperson" out east, or our lifestyle, that just isn't the same as in other regions.

So consider this ground "broken" - here's your list of ACTIVE (as of November, 2011) east coast outdoor blogs, roughly in order from north to south.  Pay 'em a visit!  And of course, thanks to the Outdoor Blogger Network for some of these links to great blogs - I wouldn't have found them otherwise!

Downeast Duck Hunter (2006) (ME)

Maine Outdoorsman (2007) (ME)

Maine Matters (2009) (ME) (found via Outdoor Blogger Network)

Backwoods Plaid (2011) (ME) (found via Outdoor Blogger Network)

Live Free and Hike (2010) (NH) (found via Outdoor Blogger Network)

Whitetail Woods  (2008) (CT)

New York Bowhunter (??) (NY)

Fishing and Hunting Oswego, NY (2008) (NY)

Adirondack Family Time (2009) (NY) (found via Outdoor Blogger Network)

Lehigh Valley Limestoner (2011) (PA)

Troutrageous (2007) (PA)

Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer (2007) (PA)

River Mud (2007) (MD, VA)

Bow Hunting Maryland (2011) MD)

Eastern Shore Outdoors (2010) (MD)

Fly Fishing and Tying Obsessed (2010) (MD)

Hunting Dogs and Hunting Gals (2011) (MD)

Bullets and Biscuits (2010) (DE)

Massanutten Game Trails (2010) (VA)

Jody White's Fishing (2009) (VA)

Angling Addict (2008) (VA)

Fishing Fanatic (2010) (VA)

Blue Ridge Woodland Journal (2010) (VA)

Kachung Outdoors (2011) (VA) - found via Outdoor Blogger Network

The Unlucky Hunter (2011) (VA)

Tha Rivah (2010) (NC)

Bill Howard's Outdoors (2010) (NC)

Moose Droppings (2005) (NC)

Mike's Gone Fishing (2009) (NC)

Western NC Women on the Fly (2009) (NC) (found via Outdoor Blogger Network)

Hunt Like You're Hungry (2010) (NC)

(Note: I love the South Carolina Outdoors!!! Where are your blogs???)

(postscript:) Wingshot Blog (2011) (SC)

Brave Eagles Hunt with Antique Brownings (2010) (GA)

Life Outside My Door (2011) (GA)

Finding Cross Creek (2011) (FL) (found via Outdoor Blogger Network)

Bass 2 Bucks (2011) (FL) (found via Outdoor Blogger Network)

Florida Photography from a Canoe (2009) (FL)

Florida Duck Days (2006) (FL)

The Flying Kayak (2010) (FL)

The Wild Life (2009) (FL)

West Virginia Blogs (Honorary Mention)

Foggy Mountain Meanderings (2010) (WV)

Is your east coast outdoors blog missing? Let me know!!!

East Coast Weather - Not for the Soft, Dogg!


Ian Nance said...

I'm close to dominating the FL hunting market. I'll then spread throughout the South like the fire ant, wild hog and kudzu!

Thanks for the shout out and great index of talent there

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this and thanks for the shout out!

Doc Outlaw said...

Hey, I feel cheated! I may be relatively new, and my blog ( may not be focused on hunting on the East Coast, but almost all the hunting I do is in Maryland.

Good list, this, I'll be checking them out. Having come to the East from the Rockies, one thing we have that they don't is a plethora of exceptionally convenient public hunting areas. In CO I had to drive an hour or more to get to public hunting land, and it was a good two hour drive and hour or so hike to get to stuff that actually had game on it. Here, I've got a choice of a couple dozen public areas within an hour of my house. You can actually hunt before or after work; not an option for the average guy in the West.

Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

Nice East Coast list and thank you for the inclusion into the list.

Andy @ Bow Hunting Maryland said...

Hey, thanks for the including us! We provide the best information possible and do it all after our day jobs! I wish this was my day job many days!

Once again thanks for including us and great list!

Bass2Bucks said...

Hey thanks for the recognition. We appreciate it! -Ricky (Bass2Bucks)

Bass2Bucks said...

Thanks for the recognition! We appreciate it! - Ricky (Bass2Bucks)

J and M Flies said...

While I don't hunt, don't forget about mine! You have commenting on it before and I am in MD.

Kirk Mantay said...

Ian, that is probably my favorite comment of this blog in the last 4+ years.

Doc - blog about your hunting in Maryland and you too can be on this exclusive list (when you're out here, look me up, I hunt about once a week, I'm in the Baltimore area).

J&M - added you. My oversight. I tried to get up with you for fishing this fall - are you getting out much? I think I'll fish Morgan or the Gunpowder headwaters once more this week probably.

Doc Outlaw said...

I actually live in Southern Calvert County, right on the Bay, so nearly all of my hunting and fishing is in Southern Maryland--Calvert, St. Mary's, or Charles. Occasionally I'll venture up to Washington County for ruffed grouse, or the Eastern Shore for waterfowl.

Looking at my blog, I realize I'm not terribly specific on where I'm hunting; I suppose I should fix that. Except for a couple stories about Indiana or Colorado, though, all my hunting and fishing is near my home. It makes it pretty easy to get my girls out in the field because we're usually less than 30 minutes from the house.

Jeni said...

Totally not blog related, but since I also think of you as my "bug" friend...we were after a geocache in Hilton Head last week when I mistakenly and unknowingly walked through and disturbed a nest of fire ants. For all that is holy I had no idea those little bastards could inflict such pain or cause such nastiness...have a doc appt. tomorrow and hoping these disgusting bumps clear soon. I NEVER want to experience that again...whole new respect for fire ants.

Tim Borkert said...

Great list! I had no idea there were so many.

Kirk Mantay said...

Jen - those things are horrible. The next time we take Henry down to Amy's parents' place in south Florida, it's going to be a major effort to keep him from getting torn up with fire ants - he moves a million miles a minute (as you surely remember from C @ Age 2.5).

Sorry you got bitten - that can ruin your whole week!!!

Kirk Mantay said...

Doc - I would have never known! My office is in Edgewater (southern AA County) on Route 2. I'll email you - I'd love to hunt or fish together sometime if you're so inclined.

Doc Outlaw said...

Always looking for somebody to hunt or fish with. Shoot me an email sometime. And thanks for adding me!

Alex said...

Hooray for Florida blogs!!

...And the rest of the east coast...of course ;)

Sundog45 said...

I've improved my North Carolina Outdoor Adventures blog. Thanks for checking it out earlier, I took your advice and learned a lot from just playing and creating more pages and blogs. Thanks.


Downeast Duck Hunter said...

I'm impressed how you can represent and also lay the smack down. You've chosen to lead with a clean up hitter I see... But Rabid can't even lay down a bunt...

Wicked good list bub, full of good playahs!!! Ayuh!!!

Kirk Mantay said...


It's just funny. East coast outdoor blogs are so typically, "worked hard, sat in traffic, got 35 different permits, and had a GREAT hunt - killed 1 duck!!!!!" - repeat weekly for your blog.

West coast outdoors blog: "We got up early, around 11:30am, and limited out on mallards, pintails, steelhead, cutthroad, quail, and giant wild hogs by 2:30pm. Then it started to rain so we called it quits. What a bummer of a day."

Follow that with 9 straight weeks of "OMG it's raining, so we can't fish or hunt" and voila!!! a west coast outdoors blog...!!!!..

(I kid, I kid!)

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Thanks for the mention . . . next time you create a list please don't list the Down East Duck Hunter next to me. :)

Michael Agneta said...

"there's just something about the "average outdoorsperson" out east, or our lifestyle, that just isn't the same as in other regions." - True dat. Nice post, better resource.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Heck of a list and undertaking! I thought I had stalked most of the East Coast blogs but you have proved me wrong. I'll have to start checking these guys out. Thanks for listing my blog. That's awesome.

Mark Coleman said...

I got one for ya - Right here in upstate South Carolina. Thanks for giving us east coasters a pump!

Rhon Bell said...

Very appreciative that you added Backwoods Plaid (near the top) of your list. It's my intention to bring the Best of Maine through photos and words. Now I need to go check out the rest of this list!

Thanks again,

DJinNC said...

Thanks for referencing my blog! I am making an real effort to improve it in 2012. I got a big spike in views and could not figure out why....... now I know thanks!!!!!!!

Kirk Mantay said...

No problem DJ - I do check in from time to time!

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