Friday, January 20, 2012

Eco-Redneck Challenge - Win a Petzl Headlamp!

Look closely at what is on the plant
Thanks to some not great inventory control at my favorite online gear dealer, I find myself with an unneeded 2012 Petzl Tikkina Headlamp (I'm currently using  the 2011 Black Diamond Cosmo). A photo of the Tikkina (new, in box) is below.

Want it? Here's how.

I want you to tell me who's in this picture to the left.  Before you type in a response, think about it.

The specifics.

1.  I want the species.
2.  Don't type in the name.
3. Write a witty (??) response that tells me you know what this is, without directly naming it.
4. Follow River Mud on Google Friends or on Facebook. If you follow on one, now follow us on the other, too.
5. Yes, I'll check.
6.  Leave me some kind of way to get in touch with you (you of "anonymous" commenting)
7. Do those things by 8:00pm EST, Monday, January 30, 2012.

How the weiner will be selected (hilarious! no? sorry.)
1.  Responses will be numbered based on their order, and whether they followed  steps #1-#6.
2.  A random number generator will be used to pick the victorious victor of victory.
3. Winner will be announced on River Mud on Wednesday, February 1st.
4. I will arrange shipping for you.

Thanks for stopping by.....and Good luck!!!


tugboatdude said...

I guess I am disqualified since i was there when the picture was taken.Then the awesome outdoor biology lesson that followed told me what it was.I already have enough headlamps,so i already won in my mind

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

I must lament my disparity over this?

Anonymous said...

Look in that wetland.
Alit with red-wing blackbirds.
Topped with a corndog.
It's one of River Mud's favorites.
Flexing in the wind.
On guard day and night.
Like a rush.
In every wet roadside ditch.
Always first in the plant list.

See you on Monday.

River Mud said...

Beautiful words...but look closer. Not the plant. It's what's on the plant.

Anonymous said...

Are you phragmitelling I wasn't even guessing the right organism?

River Mud said...

Leave Phrag out of this! Hint, they are eggs. From December. In a grassland. On the NC border. You'll kick yourself for not guessing.

biobabbler said...

okay, species guess.

It's scientific name, the species part, not genus, sounds like something people sing during Christmas time.

The second 1/2 of the genus sounds like the general common name.

It's specific common name sounds VERY appropriate to where you found it.


New Hand Wingshooter Files said...

Man, tidious work requiring us to name the species. I was watching a less than interesting sporting show about hunting

stag in England. I stopped for a

momant to follow your blog when my wife asked me who NC State plays next.

tis carolina I exclaimed. Anyway, back to the hunting show.

River Mud said...

Now we're making progress!

LKirl said...

Two words broken down: 1st word 1. going to a party alone 2. the person who gave birth to me 3. a small, industrious insect that lives in a colony 4. the singular of "are" and the 2nd word - where James Taylor sings about going to in his mind.