Saturday, January 7, 2012

Real Goals for a New Year

Rediscovering ultralight / fly tackle trout fishing was a highlight of 2011
In 2011, I had some neat and kind of flowery annual goals that sounded good at the time.  Depending on the mood in which I read them, now a year later, I can infer that I either totally failed at achieving them, or I absolutely crushed them.  In other words, they were not great goals.   So let's set some better, more specific ones for 2012!

1. Find three new high quality fishing spots within an hour of work or home.
2. Catch a 20" trout on any artificial tackle
3. Catch a brook trout on any artificial tackle
4. Catch any trout on artificial fly
5. Catch any bass over 9" long on artificial fly
6. Fish in a state other than Maryland or Virginia
7. Keep and eat a trout, preferably a rainbow.
8. Fish at least twice with at least one new fishing buddy.

1. Honestly evaluate current leasing setup, which is 1h 45m from home.  Consider any similar opportunities closer to home or work, even if they cost more. Or, consider not leasing at all until finances improve.
2. Sell whatever gear is necessary to purchase a lightweight Browning 12 gauge for ducks, clays, and small upland birds prior to 9/1/12.
3. Shoot target archery at least monthly, all year.
4. Kill a buck with a bow.
5. Take or at least financially commit to a hunting trip outside of MD, DE, VA.
6. Secure at least 1 new private waterfowl hunting spot and 2 new private bow hunting spots.

Outdoor Parenting
1. Enroll Hank in his second round of swimming classes
2. Enroll Hank in an outdoor/nature summer camp for one of the weeks he's out of day care
3. Stop being lazy -  teach Hank the proper words for things outdoors, i.e. "sunflower seed" instead of "Birdie Snacks" etc.
4.  Have one overnight outdoor experience with Hank, i.e. involving a tent or something similar.

1. Become active in a new sport or new gym by 4/1/12
2. Lose 20 total pounds by 6/1/12 and keep it all off until at least 11/15/12.
3. Get a checkup, either medical or dental, ideally both, but at least one.

1. Do not waste my time on websites where my input is not wanted. It just causes conflict.
2. Post at least one gear review per month, all year
3. Finish the "business plan" for the blog by 6/1/12.
4. Successfully write at least one article/post for a site or blog that has a print version in circulation.
5. Submit at least one post to a literary magazine or website.
6. Average 15,000 pv/month throughout 2012 (@12,000, have never topped 13,000), reach 200 google followers (@115) and 100 FB followers (@51).
7.  Find a web designer to do some revamping to the blog's functionality and basic appearance.


Mark Coleman said...

If you ask the guys who do it for a living, you've done two of the necessary things to accomplish any goal: (1) written it down and (2) shared it with someone. High degree of success when you start this way. And obviously a well-planned list, specific, deadlines included. Can't wait to see the progress reports.

I just stumbled into your blog last night while browsing the Outdoor Blogger Network and enjoyed reading several posts before I had to make myself go to bed (early hunt this morning). Question about one of your blog-related do you increase monthly views by a certain count? Whether it's 500, 1000, 3000 or more, what do you do specifically to gain that type of readership?

Sanders said...

I don't know if I commented on your "Blog" post over on OBN the other day, but I really enjoyed it. It gave me a lot of good things to think about.

Good luck with the goals, looks like if you accomplish a handful of them (hopefully all), 2012 is going to be a great year!


Kirk Mantay said...

Mark, thanks for the compliments, hope you stop by often! On your visitors question, the first thing to do is understand who your visitors are, and whether you care about pageviews or "real visits."

I had a hard time with this, but after about a year of almost daily looks at my stats, it seems about 10% of page views are from other bloggers, another 15-25% are from regular readers, and the other 65-75% are from google, yahoo, and bing searches (mostly google in my case). Out of those three groups (other bloggers, regular readers, and random google searchers) there are very distinct tools for trying to increase your breadth (as opposed to depth) of readership. Some of those tools have been very successful for me (i.e. gear reviews, tips on "how to fish" a particular river or lake), and others (product giveaways) have been total flops, but I know for a fact that other bloggers have had the opposite figure!

Kirk Mantay said...

Sanders, thanks...and as always, that post contains some advice I'd be wise to take seriously myself!

2012 could be a good year, if I can pay attention to the things that are most important, and ignore the distractions (very difficult). Thanks again for the comment!

Steve Zakur said...

Worthy goals all. I especially like the goals around Outdoor Parenting. Some of my most memorable moments on the water or on the clays range are when I'm with the boys.

Michael Agneta said...

How about a "home & home" in PA & MD and maybe we could both do some damage to our goals. That alone could probably cross 3, 4, 6, and 8 off your fishing list. If timed right, could maybe get OBN Joe in the mix as well. Food for thought.

T. Brook Smith said...

Dude. I am definitely ripping off some of these goals. Good luck and let me know if you're ever in Colorado. We'll definitely cover the trout goals.

Tom Sadler said...

Great stuff! If you want to try catching a brookie on a tenkara I'm your huckleberry.

Kirk Mantay said...

Tom - where the heck are you located?

TBS - thanks for the move often enough that maybe I'll wait to cash it in at your next destination!!! (ha ha)

Mike (T!) - we live 2 hours apart. No reason to not do it. I'll email you!!!

Steve - the outdoor times with the little dude are getting more and more fun. Making memories with him is just the best. <>

Fishing said...

Really enjoyed reading this post! Good luck with all the resolutions. Hope they work out for you.

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