Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hank Gets a Fishing Rod, and Other Notes

Playground Boss. February 2012
Toddler Boss is in the house.  Hank never was a wallflower, but as he moves through the Terrible Twos, he's found great joy (and numerous Time Outs) in being bold, friendly, and charge of everybody and everything.

Like most kids, he reaches some developmental milestones early for as age, others "on time," and others..well...take their time to come along.  Hank started speaking "on time" but picked it up very quickly after the intial run-up. From the time he was born, we made a point to speak clearly to him, and to speak to him often, and so he picked up on sentences very quickly.  As his vocabulary keeps increasing, he's been able to say things like, "That's Daddy's fishin' pole" and "Where's my fishin pole?" and most heart-melting of all, "I wanna go fishin with Daddy."

Now keep in mind that Hank does not understand what fishing is.  He just knows that it involves the big bendy poles in the basement that Mommy tells him are "very dangerous,"  and that the big bendy poles go in "Daddy's truck," and "Daddy goes fishin."  Sure, he's seen fishing on TV, and he's even ridden in the backpack with me to fish, and last summer, hucked rocks into the Gunpowder River as I tried to ambush bass (I failed).   But he still fails to grasp it.  But I don't care.

We decided to go out for a bite to eat after work one night and when we were done, I thought it'd be entertaining to take Hank into the big-box sporting goods store right across the parking lot.  I found a section of rods with closed-face reels for kids, and Hank actually did select a 36" red and black Ugly Stik combo.  He was pretty excited about it.  But then, on our way out of the fishing rod area, Hank saw it.  The ultimate rod.  The Spider Man rod.  
"Woah, cool! It's Spiderman!"

The Ugly Stik was unceremoniously dropped on the floor, and the Spider Man rod (Shakespeare, 30" or so) was clenched with the kind of force most often used by "the last soldier out," dangling from the landing gear of a helicopter, while taking hostile fire.

I wasn't thrilled - we typically shy away from "character gear" at our house ( I say that, as I show you pictures of my child wearing an Ewok shirt and holding a Spider Man fishing rod) - but Hank's two minute victory dance / mosh while yelling, "Yay! I go fishin' with Daddy! Yay Spider Man Fishin' Pole!" was really all I needed to hear.  $15 and change and I (we) suddenly owned a Shakespeare Spider Man fishing combo.

I'll be honest.  I don't know when, how, or if Hank will take to fishing. But it was memorable and a lot of fun to go out and enjoy this moment together, as opposed to me just buying the thing for him and bringing it home one day.  I don't even care that it's a closed face reel and that I'll be chunking it up with live bait.  Looking forward to the best fishing days ever!

Gotta toughen up those knees if you're gonna fish my spots!


BrookfieldAngler said...

HA!!! Congrats Hank!

Raised On The Fly said...

Fishing buddy for life!

Devin Angleberger said...

Nothing like a Dad and son going fishing.

cofisher said...

Hank can probably out-fish many people with his Spiderman gear!

Kirk Mantay said...

Yeah, no joke. I've been courting bids on whether I can catch a 2lb+ bass on the spider man rig this summer.

The biggest bet I've gotten is $50, live bait allowed.

I'm holding out for $100!

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