Monday, May 7, 2012

Bass Spawn Strikeout!

Public access hampered by lack of funds for park rangers,
as well as funds for the upgrade or removal of this dam, and subsequent
restoration of the lake bed into other types of fish habitat. 
Well, if the bass were confused about the recent warm weather, the confusion has ended.  Our largemouth are now clearly spawning.  They are very visible but listless and not at all motivated to eat.   On this evening at "Fifty Dollar Lakes," I met a friendly teenager, and friendly old man, and the teenager's asshole Dad, who acted like he was Annapolis' own Skeet Reese, yet was the only person among us not to catch any fish.  You suck!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the spawn.  It was actually exciting to see some really big bass in shallow water.  Several 4-5 pounders less than a foot deep, among the lily pads.  I stalked as good as I could, but they would not give chase, or even rise.   I ended up using small unweighted plastics (I think the Yum Woolly Beaver Tail won the day) and catching a bunch of really fat bluegills in the 8-11" range or so, roughly three-quarter pound fish, I guess.  As always, it was good to catch fish.  No pictures of them today.

Not a lot of deep thoughts, either, except pondering where and how I'll get on our largemouth when the spawn ends in another week or two!


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