Friday, May 25, 2012

Bluegills on the Fly....oh...Nevermind.

Things are busy here in the world of River Mud.  Fishing time has been tough to come by, and blogging time has been reduced to about zero.    The former is easy to explain - work has been busy - the busiest it's been since I took this job.    Last week, we got $750,000 in the door for wetland restoration projects, and I submitted another $890,000 in proposals to various groups.  Busy.

Luckily, the largemouth spawn is still going on, so I don't think I'm missing a lot on that front.   A work road trip to the eastern shore looked like it might produce some opportunities during lunchtime and after work to get on the water, and so I packed my gear.

I skipped lunch (not sure whether that helps or hurts my diet) and instead cruised over to a local college campus that has a nice little pond.   I mean, it looks nice.  Functionally, it's too shallow, the water quality is awful, and there is not enough hard structure in it.  But as I found out last year, it holds fish anyway.   All I caught last year (at least that I remember) were a ton of feisty green sunfish and a longear or two - which certainly fits with the pond's pollution and habitat issues.  Those crazy, hungry little fish also provide a great opportunity to practice fly casting.  And I do need practice.

Unfortunately, the wind was blowing at 20 knots headways down the pond, right into the one corner that holds fish structure....and fish.   There was no way to cast sideways to the wind, or with the wind, and I'm smart enough to know that casting into that stiff wind would likely end up with nothing but tangled line.  Rather than call it quits (hey, I had a 30 minute lunchbreak to kill!), I grabbed an ultralight spinning rod out of the truck and decided to have at it.

Oh, it's a redear! Just...without the red ear...????
The fish were sitting on the same structure (fallen tree branches and a few lily pads) that they were a year ago, but the fish were different - only bluegills and some other panfish (hybrids?) I wasn't able to quickly identify.  The green sunfish were nowhere to be found, which, along with the presence of the bluegills, I thought was a little weird.  It was fun to hit the same spot again, a year later, and fish it almost the same way, with almost the same results. After about 20 minutes and 30 or so fish, it was time to move on with the rest of my day.

There's something fulfilling about getting outdoors, getting it done (with reasonable expectations) and moving on with your day.  I've always liked that, but it takes good planning, skill, and luck.  If I could ever hunt, or fish for trout or bass this successfully, I'd be thrilled with myself.  But on this day.........bluegills on soft plastics.   I'll take it.


Alex said...

I don't think I could ever fish during a break from work. I lose all track of time and would never end up going back to work haha. Glad you were able to get out

cofisher said...

When I got moved from Boulder (with Boulder Creek a couple of blocks away) to Thornton, I didn't realize that my fishing time was going to be cut in half. Go fish!

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