Monday, July 2, 2012


Gonna miss that tree.  And those three power poles. 
You know what'll throw off a writing schedule? A surprise thunderstorm knocking out power to 8 million people that pops up with 1 hour warning.

This is the second time in a year that we've been out of power for at least three days, and unlike last time (Hurricane Irene), there is no favorable estimate on the return of electricity - the current estimate is about 9 days.

That means another 6 days without power.  The tough decisions about what foods to save or abandon are long done.  I bought my first 100 pounds of ice less than 5 hours after losing power - a clutch move, but it's since been supplemented by another 100 pounds, and several five gallon buckets of frozen fish, game, and fruits and veggies carted out of town to the freezers of generous friends.

Red dots = 10,000 homes without power
Yellow dots = 1,000 homes without power. 
We have been spending a whole lot of time and energy shuffling Hank around to air conditioned locations, because mixing 103 degree heat, 80% humidity, and a lack of climate control can literally be deadly for little kids, as a family in Tennessee found out on saturday when they tragically lost their 3 year old and five year old sons to heat stroke.   When you don't have little kids and you lose power in the summer, you can pretty much grab a case of beer and head down to the beach/river/lake.  Repeat daily until power is restored.  This is a new feeling of anxiety - the little guys don't know how to regulate their activity level, body heat, or hydration and so they are pretty quick to "fall out" if not kept contained, with good ventilation, out of the sun.  Our house - running at 89 degrees air temp at 10pm - is not such a place.

I had a post scheduled to publish today (written last week) about my relative lack of fishing due to my work schedule ramping up, as well as a few family trips to the beach in Delaware, as well as New York City that didn't include any "adult outdoor time."  Now the "inconvenience" is at a new level, so I need to regroup for a few/several days, assess whether we need to evacuate (evacuate is a strong word when the greatest concern is a lack of air conditioning).

Also need to suck it up and buy one of these because I have a family now.   Seems like a total waste of money except on the fifteen days per year I apparently need it.


Mike Sepelak said...


Fire up the grill and have a neighborhood "What was in your freezer?" cookout.

Hang in there.

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

You guys got hammered. How’s the garden?

Steve Zakur said...

Crap, that's awful. Twice last year we got hit with a week worth of power outages. The generator was a blessing. Best of luck in the recovery. Stay safe.

Alex said...

Blah, I know the feeling. Those generators are great though when you need them.

Nothing like trying to finish off a gallon of milk in one afternoon before it spoils...Brings back great memories of Ivan.

River Mud said...

Thanks for the well wishes...haven't been down to the garden (103 degrees and no AC will do that to a man's outdoor motivations) but the wifey's landscaping (lavender, bee balm, etc)made it through just fine..

Old trees took a beating!

Doc Outlaw said...

That storm was something, wasn't it? I strapped my kids in the car, turned the AC on full blast, and we took a spontaneous road trip to keep them cool. Thankfully, we had power by Sunday, but I've had it and I'm coughing up the money for a generator.

T. Brook Smith said...

God is pissed at the East Coast. This is scientifically certain.