Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What a Debacle (This is a Real Post)

20 trucks from Maryland and North Carolina
arrived on our street during
our sixth day without power....
If you are among the 180-250 who have read the "ghost posts" over the last few days, I apologize.  I've had no internet connection except via my Droid. And the Droid will not let me change the publishing date of posts.  The way I usually write is that I take my real outdoor experiences (or thoughts) and lay them out across what I've found to be a reader-friendly format: M-W-F morning publishing.

Problem is, I usually finish editing my posts about 3-5 days before the scheduled "publish" drops.

Real problem is that we're on our way to our seventh consecutive day without power, despite temperatures ranging from 97-103 most days during that period.

Amy and Hank left (as in, left the state) during day three, once hearing that "Days 7 through 10" would be the range of when our power would be restored.

I wrapped up a bunch of contract paperwork and the installation/construction of a headwaters protection project at work, and after a brief kayak fishing outing, I hit the road and headed south to meet up with Amy and Hank in the southern Appalachians - North Carolina, to be exact.

There's a variety of pretty neat stuff coming up on River Mud over the next few weeks, please join us!  And thanks for stopping by!


Howard Levett said...

I'm sweating for you! I had just landed in Ohio when those freakish winds hit...knocking down 100 year old trees and power lines. When I left on Tuesday, a good part of mid-Ohio was still without power. Soldier on!

Joseph Hord said...

Wanted to say hello. I've been a long time reader of River Mud, and just recently started blogging. The NC mountains aren't a bad place to escape to!

River Mud said...

Howard - power back up after 6 days.

Joseph - thanks for stopping in. Look forward to reading your blog!