Monday, August 27, 2012

Coastal Plain Bog Bass

The heat wave has finally broken, and so hopefully my trend of catching tiny (or no fish) is broken as well.  Before work on one of the last truly hot days (89 degrees by 7:30am), I got a chance to stop by  a restored peat bog, where I've been trying to fly fish with limited success (sunfish bass, no perch).   Now, you have to understand that biologists at a variety of federal government agencies, notably NOAA and USFWS, contend that these restored bogs are actually fish barriers - that fish cannot get from the lowest point of the bog to the highest point of the bog because of the number and alignment of rock structures down the slope (to prevent the bog from turning into a raging gully).  Luckily, they are quite wrong.

I missed at least one bigger bass and a ton of very nice bluegills.  I still haven't found the perch or pickerel I strongly suspect are hanging out in this bog, but the beaver have recently moved back in, which, while producing some tough day-to-day fish passage barriers, generally seem to allow fish back through.  I'll be fishing this spot quite a bit over the next 10 months to see if we can pick up any interesting migratory fish like herring or perch.  For the moment, though, it sure was nice to have a healthy little bass in hand.  Cheers!

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