Friday, August 3, 2012

A Truck Seat Full of Gear

My ability to find big fish since May 
has been "ERRATIC" or worse

It's been a weird summer.  I've taken a set of weird pictures that show how I gear up.  Not in an efficient, coherent, or professional manner like some bloggers (thinking specifically of Tim Borkert at the Unlucky Hunter), but just as it sits in the truck, as I toss it in there for another road trip.  Some truly random items also rolling around in the truck, which are still amusing to me.

Also prominent in these photos are two of my favorite pieces of gear - my EMS 30L "Erratic" day pack, and my 12-year old Danner Mountain Light II's.



Brookfield Angler said...

It almost looks like you flew to Chicago and took a picture of the inside of my truck

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Ha-ha, car seat. We have two, front facing and rear facing. Did you grow that kooky frying pepper?

River Mud said...

I think many of our truck seats look the same. Gear, boots, gatoraid, cigars...

Wondered if anyone would notice the car seat! The pepper was a rogue seed in a batch of habaneros. It's a super thick-walled bell. I'm actually not a big fan, but I took it to my mother in laws'. Those squash had gotten too big, I think they got composted or made into soup.

Howard Levett said...

I guess one thing you could say we all have in common is the gear always comes first...peppers second.