Friday, September 28, 2012

New Season, New Attitude

Persimmons, acorns, and mud.  My kind of place. 
It's fall.   I guess I am in some kind of personal growth period, which is another way of saying things aren't easy and I intend to figure them out anyway.  I could write about it for days, but honestly it comes down to just a few basics: not enough money, not enough time, and some changes in hard-won priorities.

I love goose and duck hunting.  But with $4 gas, two jobs, a 1.5-2 hour drive to most of my hunting spots (including my lease), and a limited amount of time otherwise, it seems like putting a huge priority on hunting right now is just kind of dumb. It's not helping my mindset that early duck season is just two weeks away, and air temperatures here in Maryland are still in the mid-80s.  Last season was one of the worst on record, and I was just kind of hoping to start 2012-2013 off on the right foot.

One way to deal with this negativity is just to stop hunting.  No thanks.  Although, I recently *almost* convinced my wife to let us raise game birds (for meat and eggs) here at the house, which would be a nice consolation prize.  *Almost.*  The other way to deal with the current "logistical reality," so to speak, is to hunt differently, which I intend to do.   To focus on local opportunities, more bow hunting, more small game.  The kind of hunting that while I still love, I've really spent the least amount of time trying to understand.  I guess now it's time.



cofisher said...

I think I'm foreseeing a post on Cornish Game Hens and new potatoes! I'll be over for dinner.

Kirk Mantay said...

You're welcome if you ever come east. Good, fresh food goes a long way when you're 2000 miles from home.

Andy @ Bow Hunting Maryland said...

With similar problems, too much work, other life commitments, and far too little money to do the hunting and fishing I would like, I am left with those local hunting opportunities.

Bow hunting allows me to hunt 1 - 3 days a week this time of year, and normally work slows down as it gets cold so I can still get out once or twice.

Here comes fall! I hear highs in the 60's next week, great time to be in a tree with a bow! :-)

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