Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Maryland Early Duck Season, Take THREE

Yup.  Poop.  Pokeberry poop.  Paw Paw poop.  Just poop.

Hit the local river once more looking for the Mystical Resident Mallards and the birds did not show.

Had great conversations, some funny stories (I'm sure) blown way out of proportion, and just enjoyed the sunrise and watching the decoys bob around.

But no ducks.  I committed to keep the  waders hanging until it gets colder.  Bah.

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The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

I pack an ice rod combo sometimes so I can fish when there are no ducks. I also leave early too, if there are no ducks, so I can hunt other species on the way back to the car.

There is an abundance of young ducks this year. The snow will push them south to you, eventually.

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