Monday, December 31, 2012

600 Posts

As I sit up late tonight, I'm thinking about how I deal with the momentous list of tasks I laid out for the blog in 2012.   Some goals were blown out of the water, others were met satisfactorily, and more than a few were blatantly ignored.   I'm not quite ready to work through the tedious "annual summary" bit.  Not tonight.

I've published over 600 posts on River Mud in the last five and a half years.  I remember starting the blog in 2007 and not really knowing what I'd do with it, not knowing if anybody would read it, and not being sure if I cared.   One really disturbing but informative thing is that a gear review post can garner 100,000 views, and yet some of the most eloquent words a person can type or write can attract almost no notice at all.  So, out of the first 600 posts, here are some of my favorites that less than 100 people read.

In the Pines, in the Pines (Eastern Shore Spring Gobbler Hunt, 2008)

For All the Marbles (Southern Maryland Duck Hunt, 2008)

Coteau du Missouri in Black and White (North Dakota, 2010)

The Soul in the Easy Season (2012)

The final one (below) has actually been viewed 148 times, but preparing for it and finishing it made me really examine some things in my life, and I wanted to share it again, especially since so few people originally checked it out.

For Love of the James - an Interview with Virginian Songwriter Tim Barry


The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Have a Blessed New Year (little Brother too). -TRF

Kirk Mantay said...

To you as well, Rev!

Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

A fine post, I see the stats on my gear reviews at the top of my list. But don't discount thoe 148 views. That would be a new record at ESO!

Bill Howard said...

All good stories! Reviews get people to your site. Fine prose and reflections keep them there!

Kirk Mantay said...

ESD - if your blog post title contains a place name like "hunting tuckahoe" or "chestertown goose hunting" your stats will blow through the roof :) By the way - for several months, I haven't been able to read text on your site or leave comments on your posts. It seems to have been resolved with your most recent post. Maybe you just blocked me!!!

Kirk Mantay said...

Bill - that's what I'm hoping for!

The first two years of this blog (2007-2009) averaged 3,000-5,000 visits/month, before I started doing gear reviews and really thinking about how I structure and title blog posts (summer 2010). My stats quickly rose to 10K per month in 2011, then 20K per month in 2012. Maybe it's time to get an advertiser on here...?

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