Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, all. Looking forward to a 2013 that's less divisive.   Less hostile.  Not sure that the world will deliver that to us.   But if not, there's always Spiderman and his Batman Christmas Tree.

FYI Spiderman also works as a Christmas Pageant sheep in his spare time.   Honestly, this was a touching moment of being a parent.   A bunch of 3-year olds singing "Away in a Manger?"  Come on, it's awesome.


Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

Love the Super Hero Christmas tree! Merry Christmas!!

Kirk Mantay said...

You too! Hope you are working around this weather to get on the geese!

Funny story about the Batman Tree - I was adamant that Hank be allowed to have his own tree (we weren't, as kids), and since he's obsessed with Batman, my wife just went with it, no holds barred. The mask on top is a bit disturbing!

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