Friday, January 4, 2013

2013, What Up With That?

Someone unsubscribed? It's a Tragedy, Baby!
For those that have read two of my last five posts (here and here), you can see that in our world, 2012 was a hot mess.  I started 2012 just 6 weeks into a new job, and not really understanding how my outdoors passions would fit or not fit into the duties I had as a project manager for a small nonprofit organization.  Some tough lessons were learned.  We lost trees, part of the roof, and continue to pay off debt, while taxes go up about twice as fast as our wages.  The 2011-2012 duck season was such a disappointment that it made me consider quitting the sport.  This blog continues to grow and mature, but at a pace so tortuously slow that it's self-defeating to really analyze it, so I won't.

In 2012, I planned to do a lot of "things."  A lot of little steps that I really thought - and still think - would add up to something, if they were completed.  But around those "things," and in many cases, countering those "things" are my jobs, my marriage, my son, and my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

So, I pledge to not make 2013 a year of "things" on the blog.  Instead, I will:

1.  Let the important things be important.  I am 15 years into my carefully-built career, which means that I am the master of a whole lot, except myself.  It makes planning hunting and fishing days damn near impossible, and I will try to be less frustrated with that reality in 2013.  Also, I have a second job, a marriage, and a young child in the house.  And, you know, a relationship with God.  Minor detail.  This may, and should, mean a little less blog posting, although I'll still aim for about 10 posts per month.  I've been working on finding "the right frequency" for the last six years several months.

2.   Keep doing what I'm doing in the parenting realm.  Things I know about the outdoors are starting to rub off on my 3-year old son, which is pretty amazing.  I need to take advantage of all opportunities to get him outside again in 2013, and continue to be patient (as I was in 2012) when, four days in a row, Hank says, "I wanna go to the playground. I don't wanna go to the lake."

3.  Focus on a few aspects of the blog that have short term promise - namely, product review/sponsorship from companies that I blog about already but haven't asked to support me (or lend me equipment to review).  I will work harder on writing better.  I will promote my writing more aggressively - something I meant to do in 2012 but only made a small effort towards that goal.

4.  Meet Other Bloggers.  I finally started doing this in 2012 and I need to do it even more in 2013.  As a parent with a young child and no local family to support us (i.e. provide free babysitting), I don't have a lot of close friends these days.  Meeting other outdoor bloggers provides a ready-built relationship and there's no excuse not to do it, with a dozen or more outdoor bloggers from North Carolina to New Jersey.

5.  Take other people fishing and hunting.   This is difficult right now (refer to #1) because I don't have a lot of spare time that I can count on actually having.   But it's important to my career, my sanity, and honestly, the sports I pursue, and so there's really no great excuse for not doing it.  

You know, that's enough.  Except for learning to dance like Jason Sudeikis.  That too.


The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

I could dance like this in 1984. We used to cut school to shop for the newest suits in downtown Newark.

Bill Howard said...

I got it licked! I can dance like that, shoot the bow with one hand and hold onto a fly rod with the other! :)

If you want to get out sometime this year just let me know! Maybe go after some snakeheads on the Potomac?

Kirk Mantay said...

You guys are awesome! Newark? Hahahahaha.

Bill - send me an email with some dates once it gets warm - I can be across the WWB (I-95) from MD in an hour. Just gotta set it up ahead of time with work and my lovely wife....

Neil said...

Let's go fishing.....

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