Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yeah, Ixnay on the Ringspray, Apparently

"It's just bushes.  They won't hurt."  Dad of the Year.

This should end well.

I think I know where this (above) is headed (below):

Gotta represent my home territory!

Last week of March in my neighborhood...nary a largemouth bass!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Backward

What began as a pleasant coup of foul weather during January's late duck season has become a real hindrance to fishing in March.  That thing?  Our pattern of twice-weekly ice, rain and snow.   It's been basically dry enough to work outside, and dry enough to do a little gardening, but our runoff-soaked rivers and lakes are cloudy and cold.

I was at a fundraiser the other night and someone asked me, "When do you usually start fishing?" and I had to honestly said, "Shoulda been about a month ago."   Spring's arrival is at a near-standstill and honestly, I'm annoyed.  Annoyed that the squirrels, who normally turn their attentions to wildflowers and green weeds by March, are chewing buds off of my shrubs.  I'm annoyed that the weather's not nice enough to even want to go fishing, let alone actually go fishing.  I'm annoyed because I know that June's hot weather and hot, dead water are not so far beyond April, which starts next week.  I've also been pretty agitated and active with the Maryland Governor O'Malley's proposed gun control bill, which I like to call, "The Let's Pretend We're Solving an Important Problem but Not Really Bill of 2013."    Interestingly, the more I write to my legislators, the less I'm inclined to write for fun.  I need to remember that.

Nice jumbo crocus, until Hank attacked it with
his "sword" (an elderberry switch).

My fishing gear is organized.  I've purchased my license and stamps.  I've got about 60-90 days of fairly flexible office work before my next really serious stream construction job begins.  Hopefully, spring will eventually show its face....

Little Man is definitely ready for spring!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle K

It's been a crazy month and a half.  I haven't purchased my fishing license, which is unheard of for me in mid-march.   Work is busy, which is a good thing, and has totally been outdoors, which is mostly a good thing, although it seems to have deprived me of my writing mojo.  I guess that means I'm happy.  Who knows.

I attended an all-day meeting about stream restoration permits earlier this week, followed by a four hour biodiesel laboratory experiment with my students.  The people I'm dealing with act like small children.  Oh, I'm not referring to the students, who incidentally, are acting like small children because spring break is just ahead.

I stopped by a nearby gas station on the way home to grab a cup of cheap coffee, and heard this sound, "RAWR chunk chunk RAWWWWWR" under the counter.  I asked the skinhead who works there, "Hey dude is that death metal playing under the counter?"  He responded, "Yeah, I need it to get through the night in this place."  Sounded legit, so I was like, "Right on." He then launched into an apology on the topic, to which I honestly responded to him,

"No seriously, it's OK.  This is the least absurd conversation I've been in for the last 14 hours."

The other day at the office, our major donor coordinator was trying to recall a term (sand bar), and just said, "I don't know, the thing underwater, it has a has moving sand...what is it called?....?"

I answered, "The Kraken?"

It's time to go fishing.

Monday, March 4, 2013

February Journal (Feb 2013)

To Do Nothing By Accident.  It's an incredible concept, the subject of an upcoming blog post, and really my theme for the month.  In February, I managed the construction of a wetland project I helped fund three years ago, I had an article published in the Backcountry Journal, I turned down two corporate sponsorships for this blog (just didn't work out), consulted on a National Geographic film about swamps - pretty sure that was a professional blunder on my part, as I didn't ask for any recognition or anything, and I, as usual, tried to juggle two jobs, fatherhood, and marriage.

For the first time in several years, I didn't push myself to get outdoors in February.  For the first time in the 6 year history of this blog, I did not complain that I wasn't getting outdoors enough in February.  I can't wait to go fishing, but it's been nice to not worry about it.  With three wetland and stream construction projects underway in the same month, it's not like there was time for it anyway.

I also started back at the gym....more on that soon, as it marks a year since I started on the fitness thing again.  But for now, it's waiting out the end of winter, working hard, and chasing the Hankster around.

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