Monday, April 15, 2013

First Beaver Pond Bass of 2013

After striking out on fish so magnificently in North Carolina, I had a little time to fish on a Sunday after we returned to Maryland.   Coincidentally, some folks wanted to see some professional looking photos of me doing my thing outdoors, and so we did it.  I'd never done "official outdoor photos" before, and it was weird.  Every time a fish hits the lure, the cameras are popping away, waiting to see you reel in the fish.  Luckily, the photographer chosen for the job was Paul Bramble, an avid outdoorsman with a ton of high profile experience photographing hunting and fishing scenes for national publications.  Paul let me know exactly what  he needed to see, and for how long, once I would catch a fish.

I was surprised and distracted the first time, losing a 4+ pound largemouth at my feet, in knee deep water.  With a stiff wind blowing and no leaves on any trees yet, it just seemed like a weird setup.   Mostly, my drag was set too tight,  and I was waiting for him to break the surface once more when he threw the hook.  A 1/4oz Joe's Flies inline stream (black and chartreuse, gold spoon and gold beads) was the ticket.

I refocused, caught a few crappie, and then started landing bass again.  It turned out to be a really fun afternoon on the water, and Paul took hundreds of pictures.   The pond - an abandoned gravel pit - was in transition from winter to spring, with a sand bottom and ponding created by beavers. The fish were almost all associated with heavy structure on the shoreline, though they were willing to follow lures out into the channel between us.

Still waiting to see what the final publication might look like, but it was fun to get out and fish, meet local hunting and photography guru Paul Bramble, and think ahead to the many possibilities of Spring on the Chesapeake Bay.

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