Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Groggy Spring, Groggy Bass

Made a quick local run to see some of my favorite spring wildlife.  Ewww.  Not that one.  Although she and all her sisters are all over the place right now.

Yes, so the other distinctive spring wildlife that one encounters in Maryland's waterways in April!

Yikes.  Not him, either; though he was there as well.

These guys.

It's not as big as it looks.  But it was fun to catch some - about two dozen largemouth in an hour.  I saw one decent (>12" bass) lurking next to a beaver dam, cast to it, snagged my lure on the beaver dam, and ignorantly snapped my rod in two trying to loosen the lure from the beaver lodge.  

Not sure what my problem is, but I've broken two rods in less than 10 hours of fishing this spring.  I obviously need to cool down a bit.  I'll get right on that.

Spring's here.  Get outside!

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