Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Journal

April (23,500 hits!) has traditionally been a month of recovery for me.  Less so in recent years because I've tried to focus on extending my outdoors lifestyle into February and March, which decreases the stress on "getting it right" in April.  This  year didn't play out so, I put a lot of stock into April.

This April was full of challenges and I'm actually glad it's over.  I got back into fishing, which was awesome, and in fact I think I went six times, which was...good.  However, thanks to cool/wet weather, my son's anarchist behavior at our local creek, and other unpredictable factors, I was skunked four of those six times, which makes me quite unhappy.

However, in addition to two jobs, marriage, homeownership, truck ownership, and fatherhood, I had a singular project to focus on:  getting my new home garden rigged up for drip irrigation while the weather is still wet.   We are now storing about 250 gallons of rainwater and AC condensate, including two 55 gallon tanks set three feet above the new raised beds (3) and elevated beds (2) for my garden.   It's just the beginning - last year's Derecho storm resulted in us losing 3.5 large trees and gaining enough sunlight to garden.

Included are 1" and 1/2" drip lines, valves, distributors, 1/4" mini drip lines and drippers...the works.   After all that work, it's amazing to hear this little noise in my #3 irrigation tank (no, not the sirens in the background, or my child singing the Batman theme song):

Hank's daddy-centered interests include both fishing and gardening at the moment, but he has soured on kayaking. "I don't  like kayaking.  It is so boring. I like FISHING!"  Whatever.  Look forward to a future post that involves this:

"Gardening with Iron Man"


The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Still snowing here. We will plant fast growing hybrid seeds right into the ground. Going to try a plastic sheeting fence this year. Nice that your barrels are a dull, natural color.

Kirk Mantay said...

Rev, it's spray paint for outdoor furniture! It chips occasionally but they make it in dull brown and dull olive green, which IT JUST SO HAPPENS are colors that I use from time to time ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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