Friday, May 24, 2013

New Garden, New Critters

Thanks, caterpillar, for eating half the leaf and pooping on the other half
The "new" garden and yard are exploding in spring sunlight, fresh off of having three large trees removed last summer/fall.  The east-southeast facing back yard now gets solid morning sun and decent afternoon sun until the big orange ball goes over the roof of the house in the early evening and begins its nuclear assault on our front porch.

I was complacent with several shrubs just being "shrubs" and offering up a few meager flowers and even more meager berries.  No more, sir.  And with the increase in vegetative production has come....the critters. And even critters who eat critters.

Phidipus jumping spider crawling around in the shade, looking for pooping caterpillars...
Sweat bees!
Iron Man stopped by to plant some onions...
This ladybug was hunting pretty hard for aphids!
My spring project was to run rainwater irrigation to all five garden beds.  Three are done...and I'm done too.
Time to go fishing. 


biobabbler said...

Dood! Your rainwater barrel drip irrig. is my GOAL. Wow. I bow to your gardening karma.

Nice work re: your onion planting, PPE-clad child. Smart creature.

It does make a HUGE difference when a garden's not hiding behind trees most of the day. We had a small pine cut down that abutted the s. end of my garden, & I'm v. glad.

Peppers would really love that sun regime, 'cause they like afternoon shade, when it's really hot, but want sun the rest of the day.

Sorry to hear about your front porch--I totally believe it.

This post cracked me up. Thanks! =)

BrookfieldAngler said...

That's quite a set up! I mean if Iron Man shows up, it really has to be something!

Kirk Mantay said...

Iron Man is more fickle than one might imagine. He currently has a bad habit of singing songs and substituting the words "poop" and "underpants" for words in the song.

Getting the irrigation setup going has required a lot more work than I anticipated, and some things already need repair or replacing (supply lines, caulking leaky fittings, etc).

But, seeing as how we now pay $500/year for city water, I would rather use the water that nature is giving us to water our food.

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