Monday, September 9, 2013

Lazy Morning Yak Fishing on the Middle Bay

I helped save this island as part of my job several
years ago. On this day, I paddled to it and caught perch
on the outgoing tide.
Got a chance to get out for a few hours with some friends somewhere on the border between southern and central Maryland.  I've been out so few times this summer that I was just focused on having a good time.  Surprisingly, we caught striped bass (none legal) in the channel and a good bunch of white perch against shoreline structure.  One buddy caught and kept a 13-inch perch; we returned everything else unharmed.  The wind was up and the water was cloudy - live bait would've helped us quite a bit.  Beautiful day out...hard to believe fall is here.  Well, it's close.  It was 87 degrees again today.

On this trip, I borrowed a sit-in boat, rather than haul my 12' boat 50 miles down the road for a 3 hour fishing trip.  I should have hauled my 12' boat 50 miles down the road.  I never want to fish from a sit-in boat again in my life, despite having done it for almost a decade (until 2012).

Hope everybody's getting outside - we're turning over the summer garden, scouting for bow season (that 87 degree thing is a kicker), and planning for our first resident goose hunt later this week.

See you on the water!

I swear this was the smallest one I caught!  Flubbed the photo on two bigger fish....classic maneuver (blurry hand photo)

Whenever I land a kayak on the beach, I'm reminded of the Kenny Powers quote, which is something like,
"You always have to advertise with jet skis!!"  "WHY? Why? Listen here, have you ever seen a SAD PERSON on a jet ski? Of course not."   Well, I hate PWCs but I feel that way about the beach. 


Alex said...

Couldn't imagine fishing from a sit in haha

cedarslodgecom said...

Thanks for posting this information on your blog! Great Work.

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