Monday, October 7, 2013

Crossbow Cross Eyes

For all the "hunting leisure" that crossbows are supposed to provide, I sure have trouble shooting one straight.  I told everyone that I canceled my first planned bowhunt of the year because the temperature was predicted to be 87 degrees that day (true story).  But the real reason is that I need to gain some serious accuracy and serious confidence with this tool before I take it afield with the potential to get after live game.


Andy @ Bow Hunting Maryland said...


I am sure you will be fine after a little practice. Once they are sighted in they are good to go. I almost always use a compound, but also have a crossbow and I pulled it out of storage the other day to dust it off and make sure the scope was still accurate. Still dead on out to 50 yards. So, I cleaned it up and put it on my bow rack just in case I decide I want to take it out. Mainly have it for January hunts, but wanted to make sure all was accurate while it was warm.

What sort of site are you using?

Kirk Mantay said...

I know...just frustrating. My compound bow has stayed sighted in for 3 years at a time without any adjustment needed. I'm using the factory red dot sight that came with the bow (Barnett). Apparently the underpaid worker who screwed it onto the x-bow paid no interest in having it be level or straight...I'll get it figured out.

Deer are finally moving...been scouting for a month.

Andy @ Bow Hunting Maryland said...

Factory installed doesn't always mean right.. In fact from my days as a bow tech it almost always means wrong... It was very frustrating for customers which got passed along to me..

You should consider putting a scope on it down the road if you plan to use it long term. I put a Nikon shotgun scope on mine, been accurate out to 50 for 4 years now gives you much better vision in low light and in general is more accurate then a red dot scope. Also, gives you a little more distance normally. But that's up to you, some people really like red dot scopes that is all that matters is that you like it! Well, and it's accurate. haha.
Glad to hear the deer are moving, hopefully after this rain things get even better.

Good luck!

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