Thursday, January 30, 2014

Busy Trying to Help Write History - Cracks in Sunday Hunting Facade In VA, MD

Sunday hunting passes through the Va House for
the first time this week.  Wasn't even a close vote,

which is why you'll be reading more here about
the Subcommittee that killed the SH bill
for 20 years. 
 In 44 states, hunting and all other portions of society successfully coexist 7 days a week.  But on the east coast, the Sunday Hunting Ban remains as a vestige of blue laws whose goal was to get our butts out of the bed and into the pew on Sunday morning.

Maryland first approved limited Sunday hunting in 2003.  Since then, 0 (zero) incidents between hunters and non-hunters have been reported.  Some counties are attempting to expand the repeal of the Sunday Ban, and it's not without opposition.  I testified for the Maryland House Environmental Matters Committee to the fact that as a biologist, the deer populations we are seeing are dangerous and unsustainable; and also that the opposition to Sunday hunting (private land only, written permission required) is nearly groundless.

Across the Potomac, I've been doing what I can to help the Virginia Sunday Hunting Alliance push their own statewide repeal, which, if it passed, would be more substantial than Maryland's 2003 repeal or its current (2013-2014) total of Sunday hunting opportunities.   Virginia's bill, under consideration today in the Senate Agriculture Committee, is also not without its detractors.

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RWH said...

I just started following your blog a few months ago. I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your efforts to help repeal the Sunday hunting ban in Virginia. I am cautiously optimistic.

Do you happen to know of any websites/groups that offer a web-tool to contact the appropriate elected representatives (e.g., all relevant committee members, or a specific constituent's representatives)? For example, VCDL has a "Write your legislator's" tool, which greatly streamlines the process.

Regardless, thanks again for your efforts and for your blog.

Kirk River Mud said...


NSSF has a web tool just for you.

Please email away!!!!

Sunday Hunter said...

I truly believe that in a two or three years as someone has already said, we will look back and say "what was all the fuss about, this Sunday Hunting thing is not a big deal!"

Kirk River Mud said...

VA SH - that's truly been the history in other states, "What the heck were we worried about?"

In Maryland, we've got a track record of NO REPORTED SUNDAY INCIDENTS OR ACCIDENTS IN TEN YEARS, and yet the opposition persists, claiming that each additional sunday in each additional county will bring "a rain of bullets." Year after year, the debate continues.